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Mobile Marketing

By 2015, 65%, or 200 million Americans will own a smartphone or tablet. Because smartphone technology is so new, many companies are still learning how to effectively use the technology for advertising. 1 Source Media Group will help you:

Mobile Marketing

Billions of People own Smartphones - Learn how to Reach them with Your Ads Today!

In 2006, hardly anyone owned a smartphone or table PC - now, the devices are commonplace. We see more iPhones that hats on people. Many marketers are just beginning to learn the most effective techniques for mobile marketing. 1 Source Media Group, however, is geared up and ready to help you achieve success right now!

Our team of professionals will help you convert those on - the-fence customers. Tactics we may recommend include second-chance offers, cash prizes in return for subscribing to an e-mail list, and helping your audience feel like they are the members of an exclusive club.

We will also help you avoid some of the most common mistakes of mobile marketing, including developing advertisements or apps that are "cool,' but provide your users with no value, and ignoring privacy rights, which is easy to do completely by mistake.

If you would like to begin taking advantage of a very cost-efficient form of advertising sure to grow in the near future, contact 1 Source Media Group to discuss your ideas and receive a free quote!